Cute as a Button Baby Shower – Part I

This past weekend I threw a baby shower for my fabulous sister, Lindsey Gualdoni. I am just so darn excited for her little nugget to get here that it made planning this shower even more exciting and meaningful.

The shower was held at my very best friends’ “The Armor Girls” house which gave it a homey and cozy feel. I had so much help from them while setting up and preparing for the event. It’s always nice to work on an event with people that you enjoy and have fun with…then it never feels like work!

The theme of the shower was “Cute As A Button” with a vintage flair. Color scheme included a mix of pastel blue, pink, yellow, green and purple.  I served brunch type food, some fun cocktails and of course yummy desserts.

I made the invitations by designing the text and printing them out on thick paper, then gluing all of the buttons on. They had a great whimsical yet vintage feel. On the day of the event I framed it and placed it by the front door. It’s always fun to incorporate your invitation into your party since that was the first impression for your guests.

Here is what the table for the drinks and dessert looked like. As you saw in my last Whimsical Wednesdays I loved using the different colored stripe straws and mason jars for the two fun drinks that we served. The table also included this adorable vignette that included vintage children’s books with beautiful flower arrangements.

The napkins were wrapped with ribbon and buttons to bring the theme through to the food table.

Lindsey is not finding out the sex of the baby so we decided to put it up for a vote. Guests could guess what they thought Baby G. would be by voting with either blue or pink chalk.

The adorable couple, Lindsey and John. Don’t they look so excited for Baby G. to get here!

Here are some other little fun details and decorations from the shower.
Stay tuned for Part II where I will be talking about the menu and food details.


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