Entertaining House Guests

I love when guests come to visit and we get to entertain them all weekend. One of the most important parts of entertaining out of town guests, and I know my fellow entertainers out there will agree, is having an agenda! Having a plan is key, that way your guests can just sit back, relax and let you lead them through the weekend. They are on vacation…they shouldn’t have to think about anything.

We were lucky enough to welcome and entertain my in-laws last weekend. The Hubs’ Mom, Dad and Sister came to visit. From the day they planned the trip I have been thinking of fun things and great restaurants to visit while they were here, so by the time they got here I had the whole weekend planned out and I was ready to entertain! They were able to enjoy their weekend, not having to think about a thing.

Here was our agenda for the weekend:

We started with dinner at Grey Goose in Southport. It was a great first night dinner. We went straight from picking them up from the airport so we wanted a casual and laid back place with great food.

Day 2: I had to work so the Hubs and his family got some time together. After work though, us women were able to pamper ourselves with a Mani/Pedi and then went home for some great appetizers and wine. That evening we went to dinner at a new restaurant in the area, The Chelsea. It is fabulous! Such a fun dinner experience and great food.

Day 3: I planned a boys vs. girls day for Saturday afternoon. The women worked hard spending lots of money on our fabulous fashion finds in Westport while the men slaved away on the golf course. We met up that evening at home to enjoy a home cooked meal of my father-in-laws famous Ribs, mother-in-laws famous Mac & Cheese and of course a glass of wine or two!

Day 4 turned out to be a beautiful crisp fall day, so what better to do than to go pick some Apples. We traveled to a beautiful orchard in northern CT and enjoyed a day of apple and pumpkin picking. The rest of the day was spent eating, lunch at the famous Bar for some New Haven style pizza followed that evening by dinner with a beautiful water view at Splash.

My Father-In-Law with the perfect apple!

The Hubs getting his apple picking on.

We had such a fun weekend of talking and laughing with some of our favorite people and were sad to see our family leave after the fabulous weekend! I can’t wait for the next out of town guest to come so I can start planning again…who’s it going to be?!


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