Entertaining House Guests

I love when guests come to visit and we get to entertain them all weekend. One of the most important parts of entertaining out of town guests, and I know my fellow entertainers out there will agree, is having an agenda! Having a plan is key, that way your guests can just sit back, relax […]


Even the wildest dreams have to start somewhere. Allow yourself time and space to let you mind wander and your imagination fly.” -Oprah When planning an event, anything from a small dinner party to a larger gathering of friends, my favorite place to start is by creating an Inspiration Board. This is a time where I can explore my […]

Let me entertain you!

Welcome and Cheers! Get excited because it is here…my very first post! I am a true entertainer at heart! Any time I am planning anything, from my nightly dinners with my husband to a large wedding, I get excited about it. Something about starting something from scratch, building it into something great and then being […]