The Blog:
I love to entertain through events…everything about it…from the planning and creating, frantic day of preparation all the way to stepping back at the end of the night and seeing your work pay off. I don’t only love putting on my own events but I also love to attend, read about, look at pictures of (and any other way to be involved in) a soiree! I think of an event as anything from a small dinner party to a huge wedding. I love the feeling of a group of friends or family gathered together having a great time!

In this blog I hope to inspire you to love events andĀ entertaining as much as I do!

I am lucky enough to live with the three loves of my life: my dreamy husband Jordan (The Hubs), a white fluff ball diva Zoey and the cutest, sweetest lab around Kynzie! I am a wife, daughter, sister and friend and am lucky enough to have the best family and friends a girl could ask for!!

Favorite things ever: Laughing, Chocolate, My husband, Puppies, Wine and being at the beach with my toes in the sand!

I hope you came to be entertained and leave having been entertained!


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