I am thankful for Thanksgiving

I can’t believe the Holiday season is already here. Christmas is my favorite holiday…after of course my Birthday… but I refuse to do anything for that holiday until after Thanksgiving. I think sometimes Thanksgiving gets over looked and put in the shadows a bit because Christmas decorations and other items come out in the stores so early. I think Thanksgiving deserves its own excitement and hipe, so I share with you today some of my favorite Thanksgiving themed tablescapes and other details to spice up your thanksgiving and show that you are thankful for Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday usually has a lot of family tradition wrapped around it. Most families have the same recipes every year and everyone looks forward to those one or two special dishes that they only get once a year. Because of this you usually don’t want to mess with the food and recipe aspect at your thanksgiving gathering, but sometimes you want to make each year new, fun and exciting for your family. One great way to do this is to change-up your center piece or tablescape each year. There are so many beautiful ideas out there that show a fun thanksgiving/fall theme but are not to “themey”. Below are a couple of my favorites that I’ve found and a lot of the items in these photos I bet you either have around your house already or can find at any store from Target to Crate and Barrel.

I love this rustic fall looking centerpiece from HGTV’s website. The pine cones and decorative sticks add a rustic flair but the candles mixed in make it warm and inviting at the same time. I would even add some higher and lower candle holders to add some more depth to it.

And how about this simple yet beautiful table setting above and seen here. The white pumpkins and candles down the middle are so sweet and I love the slight color brought in through the napkin rings. You could also bring a fun color in with this center piece by using colored napkins (see the place card napkins below). Simple, chic and beautiful.

Here are some other fun ideas to spice up your Thanksgiving!

Look at this adorable and fun utensil holder. You can download the template here.

This is a fun and festive way to do place cards. Use a seasonal item to attach the card to, like the sprig of wheat shown in this photo and here.


I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


One thought on “I am thankful for Thanksgiving

  1. What great and fun tablescape ideas! We try to do something a bit differently each year to give a new twist on the dinner party. This year is about natural elements with a Henna Red, Chocolate Brown, and Nutmeg Spice Orange color scheme.

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